Mar 20, 2017

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Is noon and Jesus tired and thirsty from his journey, stops to rest at Jacob’s well.  He asks the Samaritan women for a drink of water. In the Bible, an encounter at a well have a romantic connotation. That is why the disciples are surprised and taken by the scene.

As we read verses 36-38 in relation to John 3, 29 (“The best man, who stands and listens for him, rejoices greatly at the bridegroom's voice.”); we can clearly see an invitation to rejoice by what Jesus is planting in the heart of the Samaritan woman.  Little by little, Jesus is slowly captivating her heart, making her realize that her thirst cannot be satiated by the waters from Jacob’s well. That thirst can only be quench by the Messiah.

When Jesus speaks about her past and present husbands, she reacts positively because that is precisely the wounds she needs to heal. She longs respect and tenderness to heal, someone who loves her.  When Jesus tells her that “salvation is from the Jews”, he is inviting her not to reject him by the fact the he is a Jew.  Jesus tells her that the Samaritan and Jewish institutions are relative, because what is important is a personal encounter with God. An encounter that can only take place in a heart that is moved by the Holy Spirit. The Samaritan and the Jewish Temples are not absolutes, as they are not the most important things. What she need is to have an encounter with the living God, who wants to save her and quench her thirst forever.

To adore him in Spirit is not only about an interior attitude devoid of external signs but an adoration that is docile to the Holy Spirit, moving us to exclaim “Abba, Father!” (Rom 8, 15). To worship God in Spirit and Truth means to adore the true God, a Father that is loving and merciful, the God Jesus revealed to us.

My prayer for this week: Lord speak to my heart and rest next to my well and seduce me with your loving words. I thirst for you and only your living waters can quench the intense thirst deep in my heart. Please Lord, give me to drink of your living water so that I will never by thirsty again.


Padre Roberto