From the Pastor’s Desk 02/22/2015

Feb 23, 2015

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, 

The readings from the First Sunday of Lent tells us that conversion from heart and mind is possible. The Gospel of Mark proposes a radical return to God. Radical in the sense of going back to the Word revealed, free from ideologies and vogue. Mark wants to get rid of excuses and invites us to the desert where we can free ourselves from the idols we have created.


“The Spirit drove Jesus out into the desert”. The desert is an ambivalent place: It is a place of difficulties and purification; temptation and reencounter with God and self. As we can see in the Gospel of Mark, the desert for Jesus was the place where Satan tempted him and also a place of light, where the Angels took care of him. The desert is that place where we too can face our demons, and allow God to expel them from our lives purifying our minds and hearts. We have the capacity to either allow temptation to overcome us, or to allow God into our inner core to give us the strength not to surrender.  The forces of darkness are to be defeated by the presence of the Spirit.


“This is the time of fulfillment. The kingdom of God is at hand.” Jesus expects a lot from each of us. To announce his Kingdom we should begin by making a U-turn and examining the way we are living our Faith. It is easier to live without commitments; accommodating to philosophies and ideologies that govern the World, forgetting about justice and mercy. We are living in a society where comfort is king. There is no place for mediocrity to live our Christian faith. The new wine should not be put in old wineskins. It is not about traditions, it is about ourselves.


Jesus invites us to the desert. There we should face our demons knowing that God is with us and will send his Angels to care for our needs and supply for our wants. There, in the desert, we should be able to examine our lives and pray that God will show us humility and justice as the new ways of life.




Fr. Roberto