From the Pastor’s Desk 04/05/2015

Apr 8, 2015

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Christ is truly risen! Life is a wonderful gift from God. Our mission is to collaborate with God who is love and life. Easter joy invites us to appreciate life as it is given to us. Life is an opportunity to help others thrive. That is the lesson that the life, passion and resurrection of Jesus teaches us.

“This man God raised on the third day”. Peter’s exclamation on behalf of the apostles indicates a new understanding of the One who conquered death by dying and resurrecting. By the testimony of Peter and the Apostles, we can also experience Jesus who gives new life to those who are open to the mystery. The One who lives forever gives us eternal life now and forever. This life brings us peace and dispels fears and darkness.

“Let the house of Israel say, ‘His mercy endures forever.’” This world is sick – trials, tribulations, sin, loneliness, agony, drugs, diseases, war, terrorism and economic crises – but we know that where the Lord of Life is, life flourishes. We give thanks for his kindness and mercy that endures forever. Death is the door to newness of life. Only grace can help us understand this reality. Wisdom is a gift from heaven. When we do not understand and when we despair, it is then that we return to Him, and his light gives us peace and a new sense of life.

Let the reality of His resurrection enlighten our hearts so that we may no longer fear. Let there be no more fear for our future as a community of faith. Our parish is going through a wonderful transformation, and transformations are always painful but good. Your fellow parishioners are a fantastic group of men and women of faith trusting in the goodness and mercy of the Lord. If we are to resurrect with Him, then we have to be like the grain of wheat, going through a painful transformation in order to flourish and grow.

The Lord is Risen and ready to fill our hearts with his love and mercy. On this Easter Sunday, let us resurrect with Him to newness of life. Alleluia!


Padre Roberto