From the Pastor’s Desk 12/20/2015

Dec 21, 2015

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Christmas is around the corner. Next Friday we will be among family and friends celebrating that God is with us. Mary teaches us how to prepare over the next few days so we can be ready for the celebration. She like no other waited the coming of the Lord. She is the one who made a messianic prophecy an evangelical reality. This is why the Fourth Sunday of Advent is Marian in essence. “She who is to give birth has borne” and is among us. The Pastor of humanity will be with us soon and is in her womb. Jesus is bringing new tidings of justice, peace and tenderness. A child, little, beautiful and vulnerable so that we can embrace the immensity of God.


“Mary set out and traveled to the hill country in haste.” Mary is full of joy and life and she want to share that love and grace. Mary goes to Ain Karim the little town outside Jerusalem where Elizabeth and Zachariah lived. They think of themselves sterile, outsiders, condemned and cursed by God. The joy of the good news is always proclaimed to the marginalized. Elizabeth share the same faith experience with Mary, they can understand each other. Mary walks with the caravan between the hustle and bustle of the family and camels but alone with her joy and her secret, until she meets Elizabeth and they can share their experience. Are we ready to receive that Good News? And if we have received it, are we ready to go in haste and share that Good News?


Mary is ready to serve those in need. That is the way we should prepare the way of the Lord: walking in haste toward the others that are in need. If we have Jesus in our hearts we need to share the Good News. Most of us are living in comfort, but Christmas calls us to be out of our comfort zones and share our blessings. That is what Mary is teaching us. We, like her, have to put aside our comforts and embrace our brothers and sisters in need. We have to be blind not to see so much pain, loneliness and poverty amongst us. It is in this world of ours that we have to make present the joy of God with us. It is a bumpy road for sure but like Mary we have to haste and share the love Christ had bestowed in our hearts.



Padre Roberto