Mar 1, 2017

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

“You cannot serve God and mammon.” The word of God does not ask us to live without money or to reject work so necessary to sustain us and our families. The word of God does not ask us to live in poverty. In the Gospel of Luke (19, 8), Zacchaeus is praised because he gave half his money to the poor, not all of his money. In Acts of the Apostles (5, 4), we can see that to sell one’s property and give the proceedings to the Church was a voluntary decision. And in the First Letter to Timothy (6, 17), St Paul does not prohibit richness and its comforts, but our trust in them. In other words, what is prohibited is not wealth per se, but to become servants of money.

Idolatry is to put love of things and people before the love of God. We displace God when we choose to be driven by money, ambitions and our own projects rather than His will.

Money can’t be the object of our love, and much less our only love. When that happens money became the roots of all evils (1 Tim 6, 10). Only God and neighbor can be the objects of our love. Material things are meant only to be shared for the common good.  

Today, Jesus is inviting us to trust Divine Providence and not worry about tomorrow; the Gospel invite us to get busy with today’s problems and challenges without worrying too much for the future. This, of course, doesn’t means not to prepare for the future, but about to live our present well, with our trust complete put in God alone.

My prayer this week: O God, help me to be free of idolatry of money, power and possessions in order that you be my only Lord. Give me the grace to live in freedom and plentitude today, doing your will, and not overly obsessed securing my future. Amen


Padre Roberto