From the Pastor's Desk 5/7/17

May 9, 2017

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

The Gospel for this fourth Sunday of Easter present to us with two images that

are interconnected: the door and the shepherd. However, since the immediate

listener did not understand it, Jesus explained each image separately.

From verse 7 to 10 Jesus presents himself as the door. The door in antiquity was a

symbol of life. The door of a house was a symbol to love and intimacy, the door or

gate of a city was a point of reunion, commercial exchange, life and fiesta. To

enter the gate of a city meant you’ve reached your destination. As you can see, in

antiquity the door/gate was a very important gathering place. When Jesus

describe himself as the door, he is indicating that in his persona we find

salvation, light, food and life in abundance.

In this instance, the door is like the embrace of a good friend that communicates

the richness of his care and concern. In him we encounter God, our savior. That is

why Jesus concludes his remarks by saying: “I came so that they might have life

and have it more abundantly.”

Sometimes we go through life searching for that door to enter. A space where we

can feel home but we somehow keep missing that door. Where is it? That space

with open arms is Jesus himself. Jesus is everywhere because only in Him we can

find the peace we seek and cannot find. Only His presence can relieve us from our

daily fatigue and tribulations. The Lord Jesus is the good shepherd that leads us

to green pasture and the gate of the kingdom. Surrender to Him and everything

will become easy and life abundant.

My prayer for this week: “Lord Jesus, I want to enter the gate of your pasture

and be with you as friend and mentor. I want to be happy in your place which is

full of life and happiness, of encounter and fiesta; I want to be there to drink

from the fountain of life, so that I may have the life in abundance. Amen.”


Padre Roberto