From the pastor's desk Feb 5, 2017

Feb 7, 2017

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

After the Beatitudes, St. Mathew presents us the challenge of being light and salt of the Earth to the disciples of Jesus. Being light and salt of the Earth means to be witnesses of God’s love. In other words, it presents us with an alternative to an ordinary way of living. With this teaching, the beatitudes begin to take shape.

When Jesus invites us, his disciples, to be salt for the world He is inviting to share our faith with the world. Light and salt of the Earth means to be constantly concerned for the needs of our immediate community but also about the needs of the global community. We cannot be indifferent about the needs of others; we are here to be witness of His light and share the many talents given to us.

 “You are the light of the world.” This invitation from Jesus is to be a light for all, good and bad. A light does not discriminate and when it shines, it shines in all its splendor for all to see; a light cannot not be hidden, nor can be used by a privileged few. The light is an exhortation to share our faith.

Those who live in a world of sin, injustice, corruption and hate dislike true believers because they question their way of life. They prefer a Christianity that belongs within the walls of the temple; a Christianity that does not get involved in the social, ethical or moral issues. A good way to deny Religious Freedom is to relegate our faith to the darkness of the sacristy so that a little yeast will not “leavens the whole batch of dough.” (Gal 5, 9)

Lastly, witnessing God’s love for the world does not means we can use it for attaining power, nor is it to use it against our enemies, nor is for our own glory. The only objective of our witnessing is to give glory to the Father, to allow His grace and light to transform and enlighten the world.

My prayer for this week: Lord, do not allow me to lose the flavor of the Gospel. Do not allow me to burn your light. You have saved and illuminated my life. Today I ask that your love inspire me so that I can communicate your love and your light. Amen


Padre Roberto